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Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


We are here for you even after the purchase! If you have problems with purchased deals or have any questions, please send us a mail to with your invoice number.

Who and what is and how does it work?

At there is a new, cool deal at bargain price every day from 9:00 am. The offer lasts for a maximum of 24 hours or until it is sold out.

Why is so cheap?

Thanks to many years of shopping experience and good cooperation with numerous manufacturers, we can pass on special quantities and offers to our customers.

What kind of articles do you offer?

Current, trendy and funny products from all kinds of disciplines at a super price.

How long will an article be offered?

Every day from 9:00 am until the next day at 9:00 am or until the complete lot is sold.

How does the order go?

After ordering at, the checkout and payment will be processed through BRACK.CH. The items are not reserved in the cart.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Naturally. A confirmation of the order will be sent via BRACK.CH. The daydeal is only reserved when your order has been imported into our system. Decisive is the order confirmation.

Can I ask questions about the article?

Why, surely. You can put your question under comments and we are looking for a quick answer.

Do I also get support?

Yes of course. Technical questions are answered by the team of BRACK.CH, questions about ordering please via community.

Where can I find the list of upcoming deals?

Of course, nowhere. And if it does, please let us know where.

How can I pay?

Against invoice, against cash on delivery, in advance, by credit card (MasterCard / Visa), PayPal and PostFinance or also cash on pickup. In advance, we ask you to transfer the amount within two weeks. If you do not respond to our reminder, your order will be deleted.

How much is the shipping?

At DayDeal, as with BRACK.CH: ordered until 5pm, delivered tomorrow - postage paid!

Is shipping environmentally friendly?

Yes. Like BRACK.CH, DayDeal also sends its packages with Swiss Post in a climate-neutral manner. To do this, we joined the sustainability program "Pro Clima".

I missed a deal. Where can I reorder?

Basically not at all. But you may also find the article on BRACK.CH, then probably not quite as cheap. Or maybe he will be offered again at - so stay alert!

When will I receive the item?

If you order by 5:00 PM, the item will usually be with you the next day. For advance payment one day after payment. Orders from Friday are usually on Monday, which from the weekend on Tuesday with you. If it does not work, please be lenient with us.

I want to pick up the item, is that possible?

Naturally! Our pick-up counter in Mägenwil is open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm.

Can I buy more than one item per day?

Basically not, then and when do we make exceptions.

Is there an item warranty?

Of course, we grant at least the statutory warranty. Special guarantees are available at the respective offer. In the event of a warranty claim, please follow the instructions of our support.

What if I have to return an article?

A return of products requires the prior consent of BRACK.CH in accordance with our terms and conditions and is at the expense and risk of the customer. In exceptional cases, if the debt BRACK.CH directly affects (eg in case of a wrong delivery), the costs for the return shipping are taken over by us.

What happens in the event of a possible repair?

Please understand that in most cases it is necessary to credit the defective item as it concerns specially-procured products which can not be repaired.

Do I have a right of return on purchased items?

In principle, we comply with the Swiss Online Guarantee of the Swiss Mail Order Association, which provides for a 10-day right of return. However, we reserve the right - depending on the condition of the returned goods - to reduce the purchase price refund.

Why do not I have to register with you?

Because we want to keep the offer as open and simple as possible.

Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

Because it will be the first to be informed by e-mail about the latest offer - for free!

Do you have an archive of past offers?

Yes, of course. Under "Past Deals" you can see all past offers.

Why can not I see how many items are still on offer?

Because that would not be exciting. For that you see the availability in percent.

Can I wish a DayDeal?

Of course, you can express your wish in the community and we'll see if we can do that.

Do you also send your articles abroad?

Of course, but only to Liechtenstein.

What if you make a mistake?

Then what applies to most applies: All information including VAT. Errors and omissions excepted. Offer only valid while stocks last.